How to ensure fast, non-mechanical use when managing promoters? What to do to manage work time and monitor employee work performance even when not there?

What management method does not create pressure and flexibility for employees when working in the market?... If you are looking for a method to manage the above problems effectively, the promoter monitoring application should be the best choice.

Let's dive into knowing what the promoter monitoring software is in today's article.

Promoter Monitoring Software - The Best Promoter Management Solution 2022

The best employee management solution in the market in 2022

Common Problems Without Close Supervision When Employees Leave the Office

Most businesses do not have an effective management method when employees leave the office. This can lead to several problems such as:

  • Difficulty keeping track of employee work progress
  • Unable to check exactly whether the employee's working location is in the assigned area or not?
  • Difficulty in allocating human resources
  • There are many uncontrollable problems arising in arranging work schedules for employees
  • Managing the work of the promoters is often passive, inaccurate, and inefficient
  • Having trouble reporting or assisting when something goes wrong

These problems affect the productivity of promoters, leading to a "domino effect" that makes sales results and business operations less satisfactory.

Common Difficulties Without Promoter Management Software Support

During the management process, without the support of promoter monitoring software, you might encounter some of the following problems:

#1. Manually Monitoring Promoters

According to the traditional monitoring method, you will have to text or call if you want to know if a promoter is at the point of sale or not. Or if you want to check the authority, you will have to visit stores to avoid the case of employees cheating or declaring wrongly.

This method of monitoring has limited flexibility, especially when there is a promoter who has the behavior of faking the locations of working.

Another disadvantage is when the employee has completed the work early but has to wait at the point of sale for a supervisor or manager to check and accept to prove the report is true.

This wastes time and is inefficient, not to mention that management and supervision are even more difficult for businesses with a large number of promoters divided into many working groups.

It leads to many inadequacies, causing a great loss of time and finance. At the same time, it is not possible to monitor employees according to each sales position in real-time.

Promoter Monitoring Software - The Best Promoter Management Solution 2022

Managers face many difficulties when manually monitoring promoters

#2. Mounting A Vehicle Monitoring Device

Many businesses monitored promoters by attaching a tracking chip to the vehicle in the past. Still, this method was quickly abandoned by many problems:

  • First, it doesn't work because locating a vehicle is not the same as locating people. When you attach a chip to a vehicle, employees could use other means of transport to move away from the worksite.
  • The second is costly equipment installation. At the same time, it makes employees inhibited due to unnecessary pressure increases.
  • The third is to invade employees' privacy even after working hours.

How Does FieldCheck Help With Promoter Monitoring?

To overcome all the management problems businesses face, FieldCheck might be the perfect solution. The solution was developed to overcome all shortcomings in the management of conventional methods.

It is also an effective support solution to help businesses improve their management, monitoring, supply chain, and digital transformation processes.

FieldCheck supports digitizing the entire work of promoters. Therefore, many businesses choose software to improve their marketing and sales methods effectively.

The software helps to monitor promoters quickly, efficiently, and flexibly. A user-friendly interface helps integrate all features, tracking, monitoring, positioning, planning, reporting, market analysis, assignment, support requests, etc., on mobile phones.

You could do all the necessary work with just a few simple taps on your phone. The management process becomes more accurate, and at the same time, there are no restrictions on time and space and tracking multiple teams of employees at the same time.

Promoter Monitoring Software - The Best Promoter Management Solution 2022

The ultimate market employee management solution for businesses - FieldCheck

Outstanding Features Of FieldCheck Software In Out-of-Office Employee Management

FieldCheck promoter management software possesses many outstanding features such as:

  • Manage promoters efficiently and accurately
  • Manage location, monitor time, and work location of employees flexibly
  • Monitor activities and record work results
  • Manage the image of the point of sale and display goods
  • Sales reports right on mobile devices
  • Report problems quickly and provide solutions if unexpected problems arise
  • Support to provide visual analysis in the form of charts, helping management to grasp market trends

#1. Time Monitoring, Employee Location Via GPS Digital Map

When coming to the sales position, promoters need to declare check-in/check-out on the system. The software has the effect of recording data and reporting employees' work in real-time such as:

  • Time to start and finish work on each employee's point of sale
  • The updated working location on the digital monitoring map helps managers know whether employees are moving or standing still
  • Log employee activities and save them in history
  • Easily lookup and compare movement activities during the day
  • The mobile device in use, route of travel
  • Warn employees to use Fake GPS to cheat during work

#2. Employee Monitoring Software: Monitor Activities and Record Work Results

FieldCheck provides digital checklists to help monitor the activities and record the work results of promoters. With a clear, detailed, scientific checklist, employees could easily note things to do, improving the positive results of tasks.

Besides, employees will no longer worry about losing documents when they have to do paper checklists. By using digital checklists, management can grasp the performance and quality of work through mobile phones.

The intuitive, easy-to-understand grading feature makes it easy for supervisors to moderate, share notes, and track the activities of each group of employees.

Moreover, managers are able to create flexible test questionnaires with different questions on the Admin tool. With FieldCheck, employee performance is easily recorded using applications and management tools.

All relevant data include sales, commissions, employee productivity, and stores. Individual or team productivity is displayed as a graph for easy analysis by the users.

#3. Monitor Point of Sale Image, Merchandise Display Image

FieldCheck provides important data on the point of sale images, merchandise display images, product coverage at the point of sale, and monitoring market fluctuations.

The software allows the staff in charge of the product display to check the planned stores. In addition, the software also helps you:

  • Check the status of the display in the store
  • Real-time-based image management and market analysis
  • All cargo data is managed, scientifically tracked, and can be checked back on the activity history
Promoter Monitoring Software - The Best Promoter Management Solution 2022

Monitor the deployment of visual merchandising items

#4. Report Issues Timely To Get A Fix It Quickly

FieldCheck helps promoters enter revenue reporting data easily. The solution provides real-time, in-depth analytics that accurately reports every detail. The data analysis feature can be used for both online and offline modes.

Some outstanding features of FieldCheck software include:

  • Sales report on product data management system
  • Incentive management
  • Statistics, analysis by digital spreadsheet
  • Online / offline analytical statistics
  • Compatible integration with BI/ERP tool

Through employee reports, managers could analyze actual performance. It is easier to come up with solutions to improve and overcome if business results do not meet the target.

Basic Features of FieldCheck Employee Monitoring Software

Some of the basic features of FieldCheck promoter monitoring software include:

#1. Assigning Jobs To Employees Working Outside the Office

Delegating tasks to employees just got easier with FieldCheck. You will not need to email or text through messaging apps to keep employees informed about work to do.

Instead, you could create tasks for employees right from FieldCheck's Admin tool. You then send an invitation to the employee's device to do the work.
Immediately, the FieldCheck application on the employee's device will display a notification, prompting the employee to perform the assigned work. Furthermore, the to-do list is also clearly displayed on the main interface of the application.

#2. Smart Schedule

For promoters, it is essential to have a schedule to visit specific stores. Embracing this need, FieldCheck has integrated a feature that allows Admins to easily arrange the store locations that promoters visit right on the tool. The promoters then visit the stores based on a route created by management.

#3. Manage And Track Anytime Anywhere

All activities of promoters are closely monitored in real-time, with integrated management features on mobile phones. Now, you no longer have to contact many different sources of information to check employee schedules and activities.
You need to open the FieldCheck app and retrieve the employee or store-related data you want to check anytime.

#4. Support Right At The Work Site Or Employee's Work Location

Your marketing staff can now use their phones to report issues at the point of sale quickly. These issues will be sent directly to the relevant people to provide appropriate solutions promptly.

Promoter Monitoring Software - The Best Promoter Management Solution 2022

Report problems quickly and conveniently

How Is FieldCheck Different From Similar DMS Software?

FieldCheck provides a flexible number of users according to business needs. You also have the flexibility to buy more users when using our software.
The application allows operation in both online and offline modes to save battery life. At the same time, the system also allows you to do normal work on mobile devices even when you turn off the network.

All data will be saved to the application's clipboard and automatically synced to the system when the Internet is available to use. Our solution also makes it easy for managers to monitor employees on the go or in a designated location.

In addition to management functions, the software also supports providing information, purchase history, inventory, timekeeping, and incentive calculation, to help optimize the operation of the business.

Above is some information related to market employee monitoring software. We hope that the article will be useful to you. If you need to experience the software directly, please get in touch with us for detailed advice.