No matter what kind of business you are in, you are likely to experience the following problems:

  • Employees do not remember the product's information, location, and price, which makes it confusing when conducting the check-outs for consumers.
  • It is difficult to detect dishonest employees, leading to financial loss.
  • Managing many branches, or often not at the store, makes it difficult to monitor the performance of employees.
  • Having difficulty in calculating sales, commissions for agents,...

The above problems raise the need for a solution to help business owners manage their employees effectively. Embracing the demand, SaaS service providers have developed employee management software to assist businesses in their operations activities.
So what is employee management software? In addition, which software should you choose when there are so many choices today? Let's find out with FieldCheck in today's article.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Employee management software is helpful for businesses

What Is Employee Management Software? Why Use Employee Management Software?

#1. What Is Employee Management Software?

In the era of industry 4.0, the application of software in business administration has become a trend that any manager should apply. Employee management software is the top application chosen by businesses.

The software makes the human resource management process easier and more convenient. This technology solution with many smart features to help businesses keep abreast of the professional requirements of human resource management, welfare administration, timekeeping, salary calculation, online and offline leave, etc.

All features help administrators monitor the entire operation of the business with just a few simple steps. Additionally, human resource management software also helps administrators focus on improving professional quality.

Thanks to the supporting software, many tasks such as the recruitment, training, evaluation, and human resource development,... are more quality. This gives businesses the most valuable resources.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Human resource management software gives businesses quality resources

#2. Why Use Employee Management Software?

This technology solution helps administrators have an overview of the human resource situation. Then, it offers the best adjustment plan for the human resource development process.

The software also helps administrators save time, training costs, and training new people. Here are some specific benefits of using software in human resource management.

2.1. Recognition Of Employee Performance

Human resources are a decisive factor in the development of an enterprise. Employee performance affects profits, revenue, and the development progress of the organization. An effective human resource system is evaluated through many aspects. In which work performance is the main factor.

Still, controlling work efficiency is not easy, especially for businesses with thousands or even tens of thousands of employees. At this time, employee management software will be an effective assistant to help you evaluate and record the work efficiency of each individual and department.

Controlling the working performance of employees fully and accurately is the basis for recognizing, honoring, and rewarding individuals who have completed their tasks.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Record employee performance fully and accurately

2.2. Setting Right Authority For Each Position

Management software helps administrators increase recruitment efficiency. Simultaneously, it allows you to properly evaluate the capacity of employees. From there, you could assign the tasks based on their strengths and forte.

When employees receive tasks in accordance with their capacity, it helps to increase work efficiency. At the same time, perfecting their work to the best of their ability guaranteed to deliver incredible benefits.

Additionally, the feature of decentralizing use for each employee also increases the exchange and connection between members. Managers also easily monitor their working situation. From there, you could grasp the working process and offer solutions suitable to each person's capacity.

2.3. Save Time and Effort in Management

The human resources (HR) department has to do a lot of time-consuming work day in day out without applying human resource management software, such as:

  • Controlling daily work
  • Updating employee data
  • Leave request approval
  • Salary calculation
  • Bonus
  • Allowance
  • Training supervision

The above tasks could be automated through the system using employee management software. Many problems are solved simultaneously, helping businesses save time and effort in administration.

The software regularly updates information about jobs, deadlines, individual tasks, work performance, etc., on the system. Managers only need to open and check on mobile phones to capture all necessary information.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Managers can check activities right on the phone

2.4. Quick Calculation

Employee management software integrates complicated incentive calculation tools. Based on the performance of the employees, the solution could provide the proper incentives that each employee receives.

You will no longer need to input complex functions and formulas in Excel spreadsheets to calculate employee incentives. With just a few steps, you can easily and conveniently extract the incentive spreadsheet for your employees.

2.5. Saving Investment Costs For Redundant Positions

Employee management software helps to screen the working capacity of each individual and department. At the same time, the solution also helps to optimize the recruitment and personnel management process. This effectively supports the reduction of unnecessary human resources.

Furthermore, the accurate assessment of the capacity of each employee also helps businesses find talents to meet job needs, saving investment and training costs for redundant positions.

The Criteria Of The Best Employee Management Software For Businesses

A good employee management software must meet the following conditions:

  • Eliminate cumbersome and unnecessary information
  • Integrate detailed analysis and reporting features
  • Good data security
  • Continuously update employee activities in real-time
Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Criteria for evaluating good employee management software

Here are some basic, must-have features of effective employee management software.

#1. Eliminate Unnecessary Papers

Previously, the management of human resources in enterprises was quite cumbersome when dozens of papers and documents were attached to each successful employee. When applying employee management software with technology devices, businesses could skip unnecessary paperwork.

All information and documents related to employees, departments, and working capacity are updated on the server system. Electronic devices will store documents internally in folders. This helps you manage and find information easier and helps save storage costs for businesses.

Reports or plans are made online on mobile devices without any hassle. The introduction of technology in human resource management helps save papers and eliminates cumbersome and time-consuming processes.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Online real-time reports

#2. High Data Security

Each enterprise often has its peculiarities in the personnel system. Therefore, they will have different requirements in the management method. A good employee management software must meet the information security needs of the business.

Because these are particularly important and top-secret data, management software needs to decentralize employee levels, ensuring that all information is stored most safely.

#3. Control Employee's Working Location and Time

Employee management software makes it easier for you to control and track the performance of each individual. Because all data is pushed to the system, you could see which shift employees are working. Do they work effectively?

Where are they, and what are they doing? How is the work progressing? All details are updated in real-time, making it easy for you to control on your mobile phone, wherever you are, at any time.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Track employee working hours

#4. Integrated Timekeeping and Payroll

Attendance management will be easier than ever with human resource management software. Due to the integration of the mobile technology, employees could report their working tim directly on the application, not to mention, actively manage attendance and shifts and submit day-off requests.

The solution integrates with 100% automation of payroll without manual manipulation. The data after the calculation is accurate and automatically according to the regulations of the business.

In addition, you can conveniently and easily manage your employees' leave days right on the mobile application and the Admin tool. This method will help eliminate the disadvantages of managing leave on messaging and spreadsheet applications like before.

#5. Recognition For Performance Evaluation

Human resource management software helps businesses easily evaluate employee performance and capacity, including time, work history, ongoing projects, and achieved results.

The human resources department will evaluate the employee's potential based on this result and have a clear reward policy. Accordingly, it creates motivation to enhance labor productivity and business efficiency.

#6. Portability and Accessibility, Ease of Handling, Use

Each enterprise has its peculiarities in human resource management. Therefore, quality software must meet the specific business needs of each business.

Employee Management Software - An Optimal Solution For HR Management For Businesses

Using software to reduce pressure on management

Some typical criteria include:

  • Flexibility can be easily adjusted according to the workflow.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to use and manipulate, multitasking supports many different types of work.

#7. Ability to Extend Features When You Need

Employee management software is highly appreciated as it could have more built-in features when needed. For example, besides the features of timekeeping, salary calculation, employee management, reports, and planning, the software is also able to collect and manage data while tracking the stock.

#7.1. Continuous Support From Technical Experts

The software provider is ready to support businesses in using it. Guide to install, change, and set criteria in line with the enterprise's employee management goals. The solution also delivers technical support when businesses need it.

#7.2. Affordability

There are many employee management software on the market today. All you need to do is find a suitable supplier. It is advisable to choose the most suitable cost management software.

Currently, FieldCheck is one of the highly appreciated applications by businesses. This is an all-in-one employee management application on mobile phones that could meet the demand of customers well. The software possesses many outstanding features such as:

  • Report sales and avoid fraud
  • Manage market staff, timekeeping, check-in/check-out, and leave applications on mobile phones in real-time
  • Stock audit
  • Store location management, automatic commission calculation, store quality monitoring, report support, and task assignment
  • All business information is secured at a high level. Especially with a user-friendly interface and smart features, the software is suitable even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Above is some information and benefits when using employee management software for businesses. If you want to learn more or experience it directly, please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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